Ensure Good Health By Bringing Home The C18ft56n1b

Ensure Good Health By Bringing Home The C18ft56n1b

If you are a health enthusiast then steam cooking is the best alternative for you to remain fit and healthy for a very long time. It has been proved through studies that steam cooking is much healthier than the conventional methods of cooking. In order to satiate the desires of healthy eating, there are many companies that have come up with their very own versions of the so-called steam ovens but there is no oven in the market that exceeds the satisfaction rendered by the C18FT56N1B.

Small And Compact Oven For Health Conscious Individuals

The C18FT56N1B comes from NEFF, one of the most renowned manufacturers of steam ovens. This compact oven is a combination of thirteen different heating procedures with plate warming, defrost and hot air grilling being only a few of them. This product offers the convenience of steam cooking even in a very small area all thanks to its compact design. It is true that this product is quite small and compact but this does not mean that there are any compromises made on its capacity. It still comes with a capacity of 47 litres.

Features That Make The Oven Useful And Attractive

This stylish and smart oven comes with several features providing great many cooking possibilities. There are a number of features that make the C18FT56N1B a worthy investment and we will have a look at them below:

EcoClean Technology

The oven features touch controls that can be used precisely and in a very simple way for controlling it. Within the oven, there is an LED light that offers bright illumination allowing the users to have a look it without opening its door that can allow heat to make a fast escape. This product makes the effective use of EcoClean technology. This is basically a self-cleaning catalytic coating that is found in the interiors of the sides and the top of the product. This makes cleaning the product much easier.

CircoTherm Technology

The CircoTherm technology used in the oven allows users to prepare a three-course meal at the same time using multi-level cooking. One of the best things about this technology is that there is no transfer of flavour across dishes when all of them are cooked at the same time. This feature of the oven makes cooking faster without even having to preheat the oven. This feature also offers improved cooking outcomes due to the fact that heat is evenly transferred throughout the oven cavity. CircoTherm technology featured in the oven also improves the grilling experience of the users as they no longer need to turn food on the grill. Air within the oven circulates evenly to offer perfect grilling results.

Complete Touch Screen Display

The C18FT56N1B comes with a high resolution touch screen colour display that offers maximum simplicity and comfort in operating the product. Users get the option of scrolling through and accessing all the features and functions of the oven while selecting them easily and simply with a single tap on its screen.

Additional functions of this top quality compact steam oven include drying function, cleaning programme, automatic softening and descaling programme.



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