Speed Up Your Recovery After Lasik

Undergoing Lasik laser eye surgery is a simple way that you can repair your vision in a minimally invasive way which can also result in fewer potential side-effects as well as a shorter period of downtime. However, the process of vision correction is still considered as surgery while any time you undergo such a medical procedure, you should also attempt to do a number of things to speed up the recovery process. It is important to follow these simple tricks to reduce the potential risk of creating complications or other serious side-effects. If you are considering going for Lasik laser eye treatment to correct your vision, then you should consider following these simple tips to help your recovery go as smoothly as possible.

Sleep after surgery

After undergoing San Antonio Lasik laser eye surgery, you may experience some discomfort in your eyes. However, this generally wears off quite quickly and is usually the worst when the effect of the medicated eye drops finishes. You should always use these eye drops because they can help to reduce irritation and discomfort in your eyes. Therefore, one of the simplest things you can do after undergoing laser eye surgery is to sleep for a few hours after the process has been completed. Indeed, it is recommended to sleep for a few hours after the surgery, especially as the patient can feel tired as a result of the sedative used during the procedure.

Wear protective sunglasses

When you have finished the Lasik laser eye surgery process, you will be given a set of protective sunglasses by your laser eye surgeon. These should be worn both inside and outside for at least the first twenty-four hours after the surgery has finished. Indeed, this protective eyewear will protect your eyes from becoming irritated or infected while also stopping any other debris from entering your eyes at this crucial time. Furthermore, wearing protective goggles for the first day after surgery will also stop you from accidentally itching or scratching your eyes.

Use eye drops

After finishing Lasik laser eye surgery, patients are usually prescribed with a number of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication which can help the healing of the eyes and help to prevent infection or irritation. Furthermore, it is imperative that all Lasik laser eye surgery patients apply medicated eye drops regularly to keep the eyes moisturised and lubricated. In addition, you should try to stop touching your eyes for any reason even if you feel the urge to do so. The first few days are important because during that time you will be healing so itching or touching your eyes can increase the chances of becoming infected in the future.

Avoid going outside

Finally, after you have completed Lasik laser eye surgery your eyes will be especially sensitive to bright lights therefore it is a good idea to stay inside and turn any bright lights off in the house. If you remain in a dimly lit room for several days after surgery, then your eyes will be less prone to irritation.

Therefore, if you are looking to undergo Lasik laser eye surgery, then you should follow these simple tips to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.



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