Why A Live In Nurse Is The Best Care Option

Why A Live In Nurse Is The Best Care Option

There always comes a time when people are no longer able to take care of themselves properly and it is always good to prepare for such a time. None of us want to get old, but it is just a part of life that we cannot avoid. As our body gets older it doesn’t work as well as it used to and we need some assistance, with the day to day things that we have been doing by ourselves for years. Thankfully, there is help out there in the shape of live in nurses, who provide exceptional professional care and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many advantages to having a live in nurse and we will look at some of them here.

Keep Up To Date 

When you have a live in nurse or carer that is there solely for your parent or relative, it makes it much easier for the extended family members to keep up to date with their parent’s progress or lack of it. The live in nurse can answer all their questions and it helps family members to have peace of mind. It is always good to talk to someone you are familiar with, as you can expect them to be honest and have your parents welfare at heart. Some live in nurses go on to become good friends with family members, when they are still there doing their work and after they have moved on.

Comforts Of Home

Because you have a live in nurse, this allows older people to stay at home when they receive their care. This way, very little changes and their lifestyle remains the same or even improves. Routines don’t change and family, friends and neighbours can continue to call like they always have.  If the patient has a pet like a dog or cat, then they get to keep them around for comfort. Care homes, mostly don’t allow pets onto the premises and so losing your beloved pet may have a damaging effect. 

Peace Of Mind

If it is your parent or relative that is receiving live in care from a live in nurse, then it gives great peace of mind knowing that there is someone there with your loved ones all through the night. If they need to get up and go to the toilet, someone is on hand to assist them and if they feel a little hungry, the live in nurse may even make them something to eat. Knowing that there is someone there, puts the patient’s mind at ease and allows them to get a good night’s sleep.

Friend For Life

Having different live in nurses coming and going is not good for the patient and this happens in care homes where staff turnover is high. With a live in nurse this is not the case and you have the same person continually that offers stability and a plan for rehabilitation.

If you have a parent or relative who needs a little help, then don’t hesitate to find out what a live in nurse can do for them and for you.



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