Enamel Nutrition: Your Dentist Will Approve of You Feeding Your Teeth

Enamel Nutrition: Your Dentist Will Approve of You Feeding Your Teeth

Perhaps you have heard the saying that you are what you put on your plate. Well, this is especially true for your gums and teeth.

Those sugary or starchy foods you love are loved by the bacteria in the mouth, too, causing gum disease and tooth decay.

The main difference between frequent visits to a dentist and a healthy smile has to do with what you eat. Even with a proper oral hygiene routine, including flooding once a day and brushing twice a day, it might still be difficult to keep your teeth healthy for a long time.

Attention to nutrition is affected by dentures and braces. So eating different nutrient-rich food from different food groups helps to promote healthy gums, teeth, and enamel.

What Enamel is and Why It is Important

Tooth enamel refers to that protective coating, which blankets teeth and protects them from different forms of damage. Although enamel is a strong surface, it can still be susceptible to damage.

Unfortunately, once the enamel has a particular degree of decay and wear, a lot of issues might start to occur and may cause harm to all the underlying teeth.

Because tooth enamel doesn’t have regenerative capabilities, dentists are responsible for helping their patients understand the importance of keeping enamel healthy.

Healthy Diet and Oral Health

All the time you drink and eat anything sugary, your teeth will be under acid attack for one hour or so. That is because sugar reacts with bacteria to produce dangerous acids. This is why it is imperative to have sugary drinks or foods just at mealtimes to limit the time your mouth will be at risk.

Acidic drinks and food are just as dangerous. The acid dissolves or erodes enamel, thereby exposing the dentine. This makes your teeth unsightly and sensitive.

A diet rich in minerals and vitamins is important in women’s dental health and child-rearing, not to mention they prevent dental problems like gum disease.

Foodstuffs to Include in Your Diet

Vegetables must be a star in all diets since they have a lot of health benefits without being calorie-dense or heavy. Vegetables help to provide minerals and vitamins and, at the same time, produce saliva so as to keep enamel healthy and your mouth clean.

Leafy greens, such as collard greens, spinach, kale, or chard, are also full of minerals and vitamins. If you choose not to go heavy on the toppings or dressings, you can eat as much as you wish.

Milk is another thing that you need to include in your diet. It is loaded with enough calcium that helps to improve oral health and keep the teeth strong. Besides, calcium is among the main structures, which make up the tooth enamel. So any food high in calcium will be good for your tooth enamel. Apart from milk and vegetables, you can also incorporate the following into your diet:

  • Plain yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Green tea
  • Apples
  • Nuts

To Wrap-Up!

Flossing and brushing every day with fluoride toothpaste is important for healthy enamel. But it is also important to know that nutrition can impact your dental health. So incorporating healthy food into your diet will be important to your gums and teeth health.



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