What to Know about Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

What to Know about Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

Most people know about wisdom teeth, or as they are known in the world of dentistry “mandibular third molars”, and are those teeth to the rear of the jaw that may or may not appear during the ages of 16 to 25 years. Such teeth get their name because when they make an appearance, it should be at a time in life when somebody should have by then have gathered some wisdom about this world and life.

Although they used to have a function, these days they often rub against other teeth and can make problems, which then creates for them to be removed in a number of young people. 


Because of where wisdom teeth grow, there’s the chance that they will make an impact on other close by teeth and push against them. People who are suffering from any type of pain should book an appointment for wisdom tooth extraction with Sunshine Dental in Nottingham, and get treatment as soon as possible. 

This pushing in of teeth is referred to as “coming in sideways”, due to the feeling that the wisdom teeth pushing other teeth in from the side. This happens usually when there isn’t room enough in the jaw for the teeth, so they come in at an odd angle. If they are not extracted, the result may be severe, as other teeth are pushed into weird unsightly angles.

Impaction Explained

There are different types of impact that can occur with wisdom teeth, with two types being prominent. 

  1. Nearly half of the cases where wisdom tooth extraction has been recommended, are what is known as “mesioangular impaction” and is where any tooth is pointing towards the frontal area of a mouth. 
  2. Around one third of cases are what is known as “vertical impaction”, which means that a tooth isn’t actually coming up through a gum and may create a problem situation.

Other cases are -either:

  • Distoangular impaction, when the tooth is veering towards the rear of someone’s mouth, 
  • Horizontal impaction, when the tooth is veering towards the roots of a second molar.

Getting the Correct Treatment is The Best Way Forward

Vertical impaction can be somewhat hazardous due to when a tooth exits the gum slightly, it leaves a small flap of gum exposed. This can go on to make a scenario where food particles and bacteria can easily assemble, and if not completely regularly cleaned, pericoronitis can set in. This can then lead to a severe infection that will make wisdom teeth extraction even more hurtful and problematic. 

This is precisely why it is really important to consult with a dental professional as soon as anyone feels their wisdom teeth beginning to impact on any other teeth. Way too many people put off the treatment for too long and hope that their teeth will somehow sort themselves out, whereas some simple dental treatment will easily sort things out and with the minimum of stress.



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